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Because everybody likes free stuff right? Free Domain Reseller Account. Sell over 400 Extensions & TLDs. Fully Automation & Management with WHMCS. Namespinning Built-In for Domain Name Suggestions. Resell SSL Certificates from leading brands like GeoTrust.

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Menu Manager for WHMCS: Brilliant module, works perfect and the support I received was top whack, definitely worth a try and certainly helped me a lot. Hassan SALMANE Director

OdysseyHost makes web hosting simple and nice, offering web hosting, email hosting, web design, domain registration and server rental services. Web hosting service plans start from HK$30 per month with free .com, .net, .org domain name registration. Right so, I have WHMCS setup and Multicraft. But when the module is run, it sets the ip to and the displayed ip to the correct ip address, how can I make the ip set the the dedi ip? Also, the user isn't sent the multicraft password via email, how can I make it do this.