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Jul 18, 2018 · Now that’s done, install Firefox ESR using the following command. sudo apt-get install firefox-esr. 3. Once that has finished running, you should now have Firefox installed. To find the browser simply go to the Menu->Internet->Firefox ESR.

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Download the Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) version. REDIRECT Switch to Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) for personal use.

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Dec 03, 2020 · If you accidentally update Firefox or an update gets pushed through, you can reinstall Firefox 51 by deleting the firefox-51.0b9.win32.sdk folder (not the ZIP version), opening the ZIP folder of the same name and re-extracting it, and then re-opening the Firefox 51 app from within the bin folder.

Index of /pub/firefox/releases/ Type Name Size Last Modified; Dir.. Dir: 0.10.1/ Dir: 0.10/ Dir: 0.10rc/ Dir: 0.8/ Dir: 0.9.1/