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Becuase there is no any fuel pressure sensor in fuel line, the ecu couldnt modify or corrct the input signal to fuel control unit ( i mean when the milage increases, the fuel pump degradation or fuel filter/regulator dirtiness affect the fuel pressure line/flow rate , results in deflection from predefined signal of ecu. there no feed back from ...

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Aeromotive Inc. is a true high performance aftermarket manufacturer specializing in fuel delivery and fuel delivery components. Utilizing aerospace tolerances and procedures, three generations of track experience, and a meticulous approach to engineering, Aeromotive Fuel Systems has become the absolute pinnacle of performance fuel delivery. With more than 450 fuel pressure regulators in our line, we have you covered when this part fails. Application specific for the perfect fit and form. In addition to controlling fuel pressure in the engine, the fuel pressure regulator ensures that a vehicle's fuel injectors are receiving and dispensing fuel...

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Oct 07, 2015 · Not really sure why you would need to run a bypass pressure regulator on a mechanical fuel pump as most of them are in the 5-8 psi range which is good for a carb setup. I suppose it might help with fuel boiling during idle times. If the engine loses fuel pressure and stalls due to a failing pressure regulator pinching the return line will raise the pressure and the engine should start. Be aware that if the pump is working and the regulator is the problem pinching that line will dead head the pump and the pressure might exceed 100 psi and extended operation at that pressure will cause the pump to fail or a line to burst.

Jul 12, 2016 · Most carburetors are designed for 4 to 6 psi, but can be adapted for use with a higher pressure fuel pump by a fuel pressure regulator that contains a separate overflow return line to the fuel tank. The Spectra Premium Mechanical Fuel Pump. A shop manual or vehicle repair manual will have fuel pressure specs at various RPM rates, with tolerance ranges. If measured fuel pressure is not within those parameters, the pump may be faulty. Testing pressure in the lines between the fuel pump and the fuel pressure regulator will confirm either a pump failure or point towards a faulty ... A fuel pressure regulator’s job is to maintain a consistent fuel pressure across the fuel injector by regulating how much fuel’s returned to the fuel tank in order to maintain the desired fuel pressure. The important thing to note is the fuel pressure needs to be consistent ACROSS the fuel injector not just at the tip.