Increasing decreasing and constant functions worksheet

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Characteristics of Linear Functions Practice Worksheet B Name_____ Date_____

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Using a Graph to Determine Where a Function is Increasing, Decreasing, or Constant. As part of exploring how functions change, we can identify intervals over which the function is changing in specific ways. We say that a function is increasing on an interval if the function values increase as the input values increase within that interval. The following plot shows the shape of the Gamma hazard function for dif-ferent values of the shape parameter . The case =1 corresponds to the exponential distribution (constant hazard function). When is greater than 1, the hazard function is concave and increasing. When it is less than one, the hazard function is convex and decreasing. t h(t ...

a. can be used to estimate short-run total variable cost functions. b. is based on a technical knowledge of a firm's production function. c. uses regression analysis in combination with time-series or cross-sectional data. d. None of the above is correct.