Duramax oil change interval

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If more than 500 miles have been driven after an oil change without resetting the GM Oil Life Monitor System, the oil change interval should be defaulted back to 3000 miles. After the oil has been changed and the system reset, normal use of the system can be resumed. The oil change service station recommends that I change oil every 3000 miles.

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Also, when changing the oil is very dark. Some dealers have balked at this since it is not in the Toyota maintenance schedule. You may have to insist Incidentally, the service interval on the 2010 Prius is now 10,000 miles ... per the notification I got from Toyota last year. Your 40,000 mile service ... using...They usually see 10-15 k km intervals, some with 1,000,000+ km. They will start consuming oil in the 10-15 k range to tell you its time. They see many many (fast) idle hrs in that time , enough to easily double the odometer reading.

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Regular oil changes can help optimize the performance and fuel economy of your Chevrolet car, truck, or SUV. Many older-model Chevrolet vehicles, including those manufactured without or before the creation of the Oil Life Monitoring System, require oil changes at 3,000-mile intervals. Oil Change Interval Change. Jump to Latest Follow. The oil and filter change along with fuel filter replacement is subject to shorter intervals when operating your engine on biodiesel greater than 5%. Do not use biodiesel greater than 20%.

I don't have to change the oil but every 7,000-10,000 miles on one oil change. So I might as well burn an oil change in my highly boosted 22psi, 114bhp per liter economy car. This engine is under wayyy more stress than a typical engine. For example, a 2016 Lamborghini Aventador makes 106 hp per liter, and my Jeep is at 114 hp per liter stock... If your vehicle's manufacturer recommends a mileage interval greater than 7500 miles, you will need to change your vehicle's motor oil using DuraMAX synthetic motor oil at least one time per year and as often as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer (or before every 10,000 miles, whichever occurs first). Sep 28, 2017 · The Oil Centrifuge Filtration Kit was specifically designed for 2001 through 2008 Duramax diesel engines and cleans oil by generating a centrifugal force 2000 times greater than gravity. Engine oil pressure spins the rotor at a rate over 6000 rpm, separating the solid contaminants from the main oil supply and spinning them to a removable outer ...