Destiny 2 enhancement core farm

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There is enough to do in Destiny both for casual and hardcore players right now where the Enhancement Core grind is just not a useful or enjoyable use of game time. Destiny 2 Bungie

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4x6x10 pressure treated menards

I buy 2-3 a day from spider, do the bottom row of spider's wanted bounties 3x each week and 3x gunsmith dailies. You can also farm nightfall ordeal which has a decent chance of dropping cores or prisms at the end. Right now, timelost bounty cycle with fractaline donation seems to get me 1 coure at least every other set from dismantles. All rights on related materials, logos and characters respectively belongs to Bungie, Inc. DESTINY 2 TM is in no way associated with MythicBoost. MythicBoost does not sell in-game items. MythicBoost provides in-game coaching services that will improve your skills, and help you obtain the items.

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If you are solo player that doesn't like grouping up, you can do the 1020 Nightfall this week with randoms and easily get a 100K score. 100K seems to practically guarantee you a Enhancement Prism and Core. (Based on my runs anyway) You could LFG and do harder content but if you don't want to or you are too low power, this is a great way to farm.

The best place to farm for chests while completing Public Events is Titan. It is a smaller map, with lots of chests spawning, and two Public Events that are near each other. To collect Paradox Amplifiers, play Crucible matches and Heroic Adventures and Strikes.