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>I know very little about C-Band, if I was going to get into this what is the >minimum size dish I could use in eastern US? >by looking at the lyngsat info, can I determine the size of dish I require >for a specific feed? For some things, a four foot dish will work. Since 10 foot dishes are free it is best to go with that. C Band 240cm Satellite Dish Antenna directory ☆ C Band 240cm Satellite Dish Antenna manufacturers, suppliers ☆ C Band 240cm Satellite Dish Antenna buyers, importers, wholesalers, distributors

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C band gain: 4GHz 32.80dB Material steel plate Ku band gain @ 12.45GHz 44.26dB Finishing polyester powder coating SIZE : 6FT Jul 12, 2019 · 15- Satellite [email protected] 76.5°E LNB C.Band Dish size (4FT-6FT) Frequency.3744 Polarity H S/Rate 3125 . 16- Satellite [email protected] 75.0°E LNB C Ku band Dish size (6FT) Frequency.3560 Polarity V S/Rate 28800 Frequency.12640 V S/Rate 22000 . 17- Satellite [email protected] 74.0°E LNB C.Band Dish size (4FT) Frequency.3780 Polarity H S/Rate 6250

Equipment is now marketed for home reception of C-band signals, and some manufacturers provide dual C-band/Ku-band equipment. A single mesh type reflector may be used which focuses the signals into a dual feed- horn, which has two separate outputs, one for the C-band signals and onefor the Ku-band signals. Covers C-band and Ku-band, large and small dishes, two-way dishes for broadband internet, and much more. The earth station is designed to transmit and receive data signals via a satellite signal. VSAT includes the term “very small” which refers to the size of… Read More