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If you heard about Oh-My-Zsh before, this project is a shameless fork of that one, but in "Bourne Again Shell".

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According to the New York City water report (page 20), all you need to do is transfer the water between two vessels 10 times to remove chlorine.. I have been using this method for all of my homebrews by filling a 12 quart pot with tap water and transferring back-and-forth between a second 12 quart pot, lifting the pot as I pour as high above my head as I can to maximize splashing (to ...

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I figured my .zshrc must be missing some PATH directory or something that my .bashrc file has, which I figured I’d look into it later. Also, npx tsc worked, but tsc did not. So, okay fine that works but it still bugged me that plain ol’ tsc didn’t work. brew

keyboard-shortcuts,zsh,oh-my-zsh To get the last command from the history you can use the up-history widget. This is by default bound to Ctrl+P in vicmd mode, so pressing Esc followed by Ctrl+P and then Enter (which invokes the widget accept-line) would do the trick. Helm Completion - zsh. Helm Plugin Uninstall. This formula is generally up to date. brew install helm. (Note: There is also a formula for emacs-helm, which is a different project.)Oh my Zsh is a Zsh configuration framework, which embeds a bunch of different plugins and themes so that you can turn them on or off easily. # Turn on an Oh my Zsh plugin antigen bundle plugin-name antigen bundle git antigen bundle command-not-found antigen bundle docker# Apply an Oh my...